Real Hero - Blood In Blood Out

Real Hero

Nike organized an exclusive exhibition to showcase a collection of new artwork expressing the theme Real Hero. Real Hero celebrates the theme of heroism in all its forms and includes submissions from Wim Crouwel, Hort, Ilovedust, Laser 3.14, Tyrone Lebon, Golden, James Joyce, Ruud Baan, Steven Wilson and Danny Sangra. All of the art was available for purchase on the night and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to War Child.

Four Aces
Marques and I spend our time on making a series of photographs with a hint of 17 century portraits of our current favorite football players of the classic top 3 of Holland, Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord accompanied by my favorite player of all time: Patrick Kluivert.
We wanted to make it a new addition of Blood in Blood out showing coats bearing patterns of heraldic symbolism. We came up with the 4 symbols of card games that were found in Medieval Italy and expressed several entities:
Diamonds stand for wealth, the merchants.
Clubs stand for nature, life, the farmers. Hearts stand for faith, the church, the priests.
Spades stand for military, the warrior, the strategist.

We didn’t know what to expect of the quickly popped up exhibition. The space was packed, the show was sound, the fellow class-mates were well represented! It would be good to see the portraits on a wall next to each other another time soon.


Blood In Blood Out - Photo Real Hero
Ace of Clubs
Blood In Blood Out - Photo Real Hero
Ace of Diamonds
Blood In Blood Out - Photo Real Hero
Ace of Hearts
Blood In Blood Out - Photo Real Hero
Ace of Spades