David Endt - Blood In Blood Out

David Endt

Published by Sabrina - September 4th

Former Ajax’ press officer and team manager David Endt was part of many historic football moments. With winning the Champions League final with Ajax against AC Milan in 1995 as one of his career highlights. 

He never made it a secret that Ajax is not the only club he loves, he also has a special place in his heart for Inter Milan. He even wrote a book about it called ‘My Inter’, the only book at that time that fully starred his other favorite football club: ‎I Nerazzurri, the Black and Blues.

David shared a great anekdote in an Ajax TV interview about how he went to the Europa Cup final in 1972. He was a player of the Ajax youth academy and he went to the game wearing a ‘black and blue’ shirt. He even managed to get tickets from Italy for the Inter Milan stands. Because he didn’t want to end in the ‘wrong’ section. His teammates thought he was crazy and he admitted that he was standing there with a torn heart. That night he was proud of Ajax winning the final, but he also lost the final with his Inter.

The shirt in pieces: AFC Ajax, FC Internationale Milano


Blood In Blood Out - Photo David Endt
Blood In Blood Out - Photo David Endt