Gerald Sibon - Blood In Blood Out

Gerald Sibon

Published by Floor / July 2018

Gerald Sibon is a well known Dutch striker who played for over 9 professional football clubs throughout his career. This cult figure has won the Dutch KNVB cup  5 times with the clubs he is wearing in his blood-shirt and is not only loved in Holland but in Sheffield as well where he played 4 seasons for The Owls. Gerald is mostly known for being the forward of SC Heerenveen wearing one of the best shirts in Holland. He came and went 3 times and ended up as youth and striker coach at the Fries club. The tall striker born in Emmen welcomed us at is house for a coffee and apple pie where we had a pleasant conversation on his career, modern football, wodka, shirts and photography. Gerald never made it to the national Orange team until he was asked to join the Olympic team in 2008 at the age of 34. They made it through to the quarterfinals where they met Messi…

Thanks Gerald and take care!

Blood In Blood Out - Photo Gerald Sibon
Blood In Blood Out - Photo Gerald Sibon