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Jasmijn Janssen

Published by Sabrina - September 4th

Fresh back from her holiday and in the summer of yet another final for the Dutch Orange Lionesses, we sat down with freestyler Jasmijn Jansen in her home town Apeldoorn. The Dutch 22 year old freestyler travels a lot to show her skills, battling in the increasingly popular freestyle events and meeting her friends all around the world. 

To Jasmijn freestyle football represents freedom.

No one says how or when to do something. It’s just you and the ball. Everyone has a different style and therefore everyone is unique!

Together with seven other freestylers we were in the final stage of the first Women’s European Freestyle Football Championship. A freestyle battle organised by the WFFA and the UEFA We Play Strong in Budapest. This event took place the day before the women’s Champions League finale between Olympique Lyon and FC Barcelona. The final was between European champion Laura from Holland and World champion Aguska from Polen, Aguska won the title unanimously.  

We first competed online, so everyone sends in their videos to get qualified for the final stage of the tournament. Making the live event and be one of the top eight is what it’s all about. The other seven finalists came from Slovakia, Holland, Italy, Polen and France. It was nice to see new faces, we had some nice battles and great to be part of the first female only freestyle event.

This jersey to me is very special and I wear it all the time. I feel that it really represents me and to hear that it is also designed in a freestyle way is a nice touch. I like the design because it reminds me of my favorite Tommy Hilfiger shirt. It has a ‘Lion’ in it, which to me is a reference to the Dutch Lion. I see ‘Fire’ which is a term we use a lot during our battles. I recognize a ‘J’ and it has my name Jasmijn on the back. It says ‘Freestyle’ in suede letters, that is a nice details and feels classy. So yes, I didn’t realize it much before, but it is important and it feels great to wear something that truly applies to me. This shirt is worth a lot to me and I would not sell it for a thousand euros.

To be in Lyon and at the Women’s World Cup final was a great experience. Holland was in a final again after winning the European Championship two years ago and unfortunately we did not win against the USA. But to be there, experience the final event together with all those fans was really cool. The days before the final we had a sponsored event together with other freestylers (red. Aguska, Steve Elias, Mathieu Pierron), women’s world cup legends (red. Karina Le Blanc, Brandi Chastain) and players from Chelsea FC/Switzerland and FC Barcelona/Spain (red. Ramona Bachmann, Alexia Putellas). These events never feel like work and we had a great time playing. 

Nowadays I like doing the shows. This summer I went to London for three days to work and I also went to France for an event by one of the sponsors of the FIFA women’s world cup. If I have the opportunity to do more shows I would definitely like to do more. But training is number one. Training, improving, mastering more skills, I really like that. 

Next week (red. Super Ball 2019) I have a new tournament coming up. It’s an open world cup tournament with 300 freestylers coming to Prague, so that will be a lot of fun. I also just entered my last video for the battle in Miami (red. Red Bull Street Style 2019, the pioneer and most prestigious of all freestyle football tournaments). So hopefully I’ll qualify for the live event in November. It’s the biggest freestyle event, it will be in the USA for the first time, so really cool. Fingers crossed!

Blood In Blood Out - Photo Jasmijn Janssen
Blood In Blood Out - Photo Jasmijn Janssen