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Ruud van Nistelrooy

Published by Marques / January 2019

We had the ability to create this showstopper for one of the best strikers of the world. Van the Man, Van Gol, scored 271 times during his professional career at 7 clubs where he played a total of 484 games. At PSV (67 games) he had an average of almost 1 per game (62 goals). He loves his player number 8 and was called 008 at PSV but played with number 10 at Manchester United in one of his favorite shirts. But his all time fave and –let’s be honest– a very special shirt for him is the all white Real kit. He spend a few seasons at the Spanish Royals and became topscorer of the Primera Division in 2006/07.

His name is quite typical from Brabant, Holland as it means “From the town Nistelrode” Van Nistelrooij. Once going abroad the IJ was changed into the Y as a lot of Dutch players do. The “Van” wasn’t well known yet in the UK, so Van the Man became an easy replacement to shout from the stands. And his surname was that long that kid size shirts needed specially made smaller letters to put the full name on.

Ruud invited us to the PSV youth academy where he works with the very lucky talents of the Under 19 squad. The lads can proudly check out Youtube to see what their manager has done up to only a few years ago and think: this guy is a legend.

Blood In Blood Out - Photo Ruud van Nistelrooy
Blood In Blood Out - Photo Ruud van Nistelrooy