The Orange Knight - Blood In Blood Out

The Orange Knight

Published by Floor / September 2018

Earlier this year we found out Wesley would stop playing for our National team. The team wanted to move forward with young new players. Luckily Wesley was granted one more game to say farewell and thank the supporters and the team. I’m a very big fan of this great player. Coming from Ajax and his achievements internationally are the main reason but he is a funny, honest and cool guy too. During my career at Nike Football I mostly focussed my Dutch designs on him and when I had the chance I asked him for feedback. Sports marketeer Edwin van Zaane always helped out. So when we heard about his last game #134, Ed and I decided to make him a cool jersey reflecting his 15 years at Oranje. The division is done with a big saltire X (number 10) on the front combining 9 different shirts. We added several badges and his favorite game details below the specific crest, the 2010 game against Brazil where he made the winning header.

We met him earlier this week and he was really grateful to receive the present. I hope football doesn’t loose Sneijder and we can see him again in a different role.

Blood In Blood Out - Photo The Orange Knight
Blood In Blood Out - Photo The Orange Knight